Porch mount

Porch mounted container, each leg is shortened to allow the container to sit about 3" off the porch, feet are added and the container is screwed down to the porch.

Cabin Owners

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Typical installations

Home Owners Associations

*additional charges may apply for concrete or asphalt installation

Whether you own one cabin or multiple cabins, its important to give your guest the best experience possible. Picking up trash is not one of them. Our bear proof trash container bins keep bears, raccoons and opossums out of your trash cans.

We have worked with HOA's in the past and understand communication is very important. We understand that many HOA's have regulations on the placement of trash containers,  we will work closely with you to ensure all work is completed within the regulations and in a timely, professional manner. 

Rental Companies

In ground

In ground installations

are the most common. Each leg of the container is concreted approximently 12" in the ground

We are always excited to hear from cabin rental companies. We enjoy building and having long lasting relationships with all of our customers. We understand when we work for you, we are representing your business, it is important to us that you and your clients are happy with our work.

Single Can

Our single bear proof trash containers are ideal for single bedroom cabins. 



Double Can

Our double bear proof trash containers are ideal for multiple bedroom cabins. 

Triple Can

Our triple can bear proof trash container is ideal for multiple family cabins.

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Welcome to American Fabrication and Welding. Sevier Counties home for bear proof trash container bins, park style grills, or all your welding needs.

We are a small family owned business taking great pride in the fabrication and installation of our trash containers.

Our goal is simple, customer satisfaction.

We are more then happy to answer any questions you may have, get the container installed in a timely manner, and be prompt if we schedule an appointment for installation.